Geneva-based Sandoz Natural Health distributes natural products wholesale, primarily in Switzerland and the Middle East.

he company, which was set up in 2000 to meet the demand for natural products in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, selects top-grade European products and promotes them in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) zone.

Sandoz Natural Health also researches and markets its own products, providing alternative healthcare solutions.


Through its close ties with medical circles and its partnerships with leading distributors in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, Sandoz Natural Health provides agency services to develop natural products on the GCC markets:

  • Presentation of products to local distributors and negotiation of exclusive distribution agreements;
  • Follow-up of the registration of the supplier and its products ;
  • Product launch;
  • Sales and promotion follow-up with local distributors.



Orthopedic and Sports Surgery Clinic


Leader in the art of treating knee problems



Kids ski training harness


Foot supports: new orthotic insoles made out of Prepec (specially manufactured carbon fibers) and custom-crafted at high temperatures. Weight : only 4 gr.; thickness: less than 1 mm.

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